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Therapy that leads toward wholeness and restoration.

Empower Change

Heal From Within

At SOZO, we know that carrying around hurt and shame can keep you stuck and from experiencing a life of peace, confidence, and healthy connections. Our therapists help you understand and resolve difficult thought or behavior patterns, heal unresolved trauma, or manage mental health symptoms that keep you from the meaningful and fulfilling life you desire.

The Greek word, SOZO, means “to bring safely through” or to restore, heal, and experience wholeness again. Our clinicians embody SOZO at the core of their practice. We bring clinical expertise and training, compassion, confidentiality, acceptance, and safety so you can gain insight, knowledge, and the tools you need to move safely through to healing, restoration, and wholeness … SOZO.

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Our Services

All behavior makes sense in context. When you don’t address the why, you will regress into unhealthy behaviors and emotions. Our therapy services help you understand the why behind your feelings and actions so you can get the healing you desire. We offer therapy for individuals, couples, families, kids and teens, and groups.


Our Approach

Therapy is specific to each person. At SOZO, we provide safe, inclusive care for each client’s unique journey toward wholeness. Here’s how.


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The first step can sometimes feel like the hardest, but you are here already. Be brave and make the call.


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We provide focused, evidenced-based treatment approaches and techniques to move you toward your goals.


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Experience life change so that ongoing therapy can end and you are equipped to handle the future.